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Indiana Quality Assurance Program

 Beginning in 2023, any 4-Her showing beef, dairy, goat, poultry, rabbit, sheep, or swine must have completed one of two quality assurance programs to exhibit at the county or state fair.

The first option (which most will likely select) is the Purdue 4-H Quality Assurance Program which one can go to their 4honline account and go to "Registrations" on the left menu to find a class to sign enroll. As of today, only the Putnam County program sessions taught by Beadles/Evans were there, though likely other counties will be offering programs and we plan to add more to our program. Our event sign up is very easy. You will see three questions that allow you to select a date. These are only in person and cost $3 payable at the door.

Those showing at national shows may want to complete the Youth Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) program which can be completed online which is what was solely previously used for livestock quality assurance education for 4-H. If you choose to do YQCA please email or mail a copy of your certification card to the office.



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