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Leadership Pulaski County

September 16th: Leading Through Interpersonal Communication

Are you interested in advancing your leadership abilities? 

Do you want to learn more about our community and making a difference?

Are you ready to make connections to become a more effective leader?

Leadership Pulaski County 2021 participants will advance: your leadership abilities, connections to other leaders, awareness of community issues, knowledge of Pulaski County, and getting involved to make a difference!

Session topics include: Getting to know Pulaski County, team building, identifying leadership style, managing conflict, building a healthy community, and more!

The program fee of $350 per participant, includes all materials, instruction, and meals for the 12-session course. Applications are due by July 30, 2021.

Participants completing at least 10 of the 12 sessions will receive a certificate of completion from Purdue University.

You can register online at:

Classes are Thursdays, 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST (optional tours / lunch to follow).

Program dates: August 19 - November 18

Classes will be held at various locations in Pulaski County.

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