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Bunch of Vegetables

Pinney Purdue Vegetable Field Day


Tuesday, August 9, 2022

5pm - 8pm CDT
Pinney Purdue Ag Center
11402 S County Line Road
Wanatah, IN 46390
Topics Covered:
Vegetable Farmers Homeowners

Ashley Adair

Are Dry Beans an Option for Indiana Farmers?

Annetta Jones

Preserving Your Produce

Stephen Meyers and Jeanine Arana

Weed Management in No-Till Pumpkins

Phil Woolery

Cover Crops

Wenjing Guan and Lyndon Kelley

Drip Irrigation Equipment and Scheduling

Nikky Witkowski

Irrigation Options for Vegetables

Liz Maynard

Vegetable Farm Equipment

Liz Maynard

Sweet Corn: USDA Variety Testing and No-Till Planting

Marian Rodriguez-Soto and Tatiana Gill

High Tunnels and Cover Crops

Laura Ingwell

Sweet Corn Insect Management


*Dinner will be provided with this event, and the topics covered will overrun each other, so choose which topics you will attend wisely.

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