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Empower Me To Be Clutter Free

Are you bogged down and overwhelmed by the possessions in your life? Do you wish someone would come along and declutter and organize your stuff because you don’t have the energy to make all those decisions?

Getting rid of clutter is a physical and emotional task. For many people it requires the proper alignment of stars and equipment in order to delve into a bout of organizing and decluttering. Let’s see you will need the right frame of mind, markers, tape, teach bags, boxes, organizer units, and energy. If you are waiting for all of these things to happen before you begin to declutter your space then you have found yet another reason to avoid the task.

Decluttering is a good thing. Dealing with your own clutter may seem like an overwhelming task but in the end creating order in your living space will bring some order to your emotional struggle over what to do with things.

Come Empower yourself to be Clutter Free!

You can pre-register for this event by contacting the Purdue Extension Office - Owen County

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