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Jingle & Mingle - Holiday Happenings 2021

“Jingle and Mingle”  At Rocklane, the Snow is Glistening.

Come and Jingle and Mingle on Tuesday, October 19th at 6:30 pm at Rocklane Christian Church in Greenwood. Feel free to wear your Jingle Bells and your Mingling attire. Our HHS Educator and Homemakers have come up with some entertaining and educational lessons, yummy and healthy recipes.  Plus, you never know what other surprises they have up their sleeves!

Registrations are limited and must be received by October 8th with payment. Let’s show our community how we give back; invite your friends, family to join us for this fun filled evening.

We are planning a extemporaneous gift wrapping contest for the first 10 people that respond and want to prove they have outstanding giftwrapping skills,  we will provide all needed items for this contest,  You will just need to be one of the first 10 people to say you want to  participate and then  provide the skills, what fun!!!  Possibility of prizes!!!

This year we are donating gifts to the Johnson County Senior Services  If you are attending please bring a gift in a gift bag that will provide comfort, joy, yummy in the tummy, and be entertaining.  Please keep your gift in the $10 to $15 dollar range.  Ideas for your gift bag are hats, scarfs, warm and fuzzy’s, lotions, soaps, pretty things, chocolate, candies, snacks, puzzles, books, word search books, pens, pencils, and the list goes on and on!!!


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