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Jackson Co. Project Check In 2022

Step 1

Arrive safely at the fairgrounds, park, gather your party [without projects] and proceed to the Farm Bureau building. Here you will be met by Junior Leaders who will direct you to Table 1. Proceed through the check-in tables in order.

Table 1 - Livestock packets

Table 2 - Fair Entry Check in Cards

Table 3 - Check-in Table

Table 4 - Ice Cream Certificates 

Step 2 

Return to your vehicle and obtain projects. Place the fair entry cards on your project in the appropriate location, as directed by Junior Leaders, Judges, and Purdue Extension staff. 

Please follow the map below for information on where lines should form for judging of each project.

Project Check-In Map

What if I have questions?

If at any point in the project check-in process you have questions, please reach out to one of the Junior Leader Assistants that will be placed a the Customer Service Tent (seen on the map above as a white area), and someone will be able to assist you. We will be able to provide assistance in English and Spanish. 

Step 3

Turn in the Green Folder for each 4-H'er for grading and judging.

Step 4

Have fun! Remember that project check-in day is an opportunity for each youth member to showcase all of their hardwork over the last year.



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