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Youth Worker Cafe

About this Youth Worker Cafe

Explore the true meaning of "trauma-informed" and how it impacts our clients, our colleagues, and ourselves. You will gain an actionable approach to creating a trauma-informed workplace and career, using the definition laid forth by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).



Jayme Whitaker, MSW, RYT


Pick Yourself Up


What You will Learn

LearnYou will work to identify personal renewal goals that align with SAMHSA's trauma-informed definition and be able to:

  • Realize the work in which you engage can produce vicarious trauma,and why
  • Recognize signs of vicarious trauma in self, clients, and colleagues
  • Respond to signs and enact a care plan
  • Understand the importance of an ongoing care plan to reduce andprevent re-traumatization

NO cost to attend!



For more information or questions about RSVP, contact Kori Jones at


What is Youth Worker Cafe?

A professional education training to address the local concerns, interests, and actionable solutions of Indiana youth workers. Cafeés build, support, and expand professional relationships between local youth workers & organizations.


Community Partners

  • Purdue Extension - Harrison County
  •  Boys and Girls Club of Harrison-Crawford Counties
  • Harrison County Community Foundation
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