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Controlling Tar Spot and Other Diseases - PARP class

Session 4, 2022 Fulton County Farm Winter School 

PARP certified class

Presented by Dr. Darcy Telenko, Purdue Extension Field Crop Plant Pathologist and Mark Kepler, Purdue Extension Educator, AG/NR - Fulton County.

Dr. Telenko will discuss the impact of fungal diseases, especially Tar Spot in corn, and the effects on the economic toll in our area this past year. Mark Kepler will discuss the information about Drift Watch Crop Registry.  

This session is a certified PARP class for those in need to fulfill their pesticide license credit. The cost is $10.00 for the pesticide credit. 

This program will be held in the auditorium at Rochester High School, Rochester, IN. 

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