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Geology Rocks Spark Club

We will be offering a geology program to enable 4-H kids in grades 3-12 to begin the geology project offered by 4-H. This program will have a base fee of $20 which includes teaching supplies and a visit to the Falls of the Ohio. The first meeting will take place at Newlin Hall and give youth a chance to learn about different minerals and how to test them.
The second visit will be a trip to The Falls to learn about fossils and the local geology with a follow up trip to Earth's Art in New Albany. The last visit will take place in Louisville near Lexington and Grinstead Drive across from Chenoweth park. There is an amazing collection site there that is safe for kids and families to be away from traffic.
The 4-H geology project offers numerous options based on grade level and interest. Our first meeting will also allow you to choose what sounds interesting to you so we can plan accordingly for each youth. Sites for collecting and purchasing of rocks/minerals/fossils are a part of this class. Based on what each youth chooses additional funds may be needed to complete their specific project, we are just teaching them how to do this and where to find specimens at the lowest cost possible.
Classes are being taught by a high school earth science teacher with a degree in geology. We request the attendance of parents for the field trip days for transportation between the Falls and Earth's art and on the trip to Louisville.
Dates: September 4th 10-12
September 11th 10-? (will reschedule if raining)
September 25th 10-? (will reschedule if raining
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