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Midwest Cut and Lift Symposium and Crane Certification

Want to learn more about how these state of the art trucks can impact your business and provide safe & efficient production work? Join us on July 18 & 19 for our second Cut & Lift Symposium, hosted by the Indiana Arborists Association! Our team of International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborists and NCCER Mobile Crane Certified instructors will be on site to show you how cranes, with the right training and operator, can bring great value to your business.

We know how important your time is so we have created a jam packed agenda that will go over job briefings, lift plans, making proper cuts, climber efficiency when working with a crane and more! Come check out these impressive trucks, eat some lunch and hang out!

DAY ONE: This will be instructional and demonstration-based training. Our trainers will walk you through the thought process for job site set up, making a lift plan and completing the job from the operator and climbers perspective.

7 ISA Continuing Education Unit (CEUs) | 7 TCIA CTSP

DAY TWO: This will include hands on instruction, to a limited number of attendees. This is ideal for all levels of experience. Each attendee will be a part of the job site planning and execution, you will be making cuts and our trainings will be walking you through safe & efficient operation. These students need to come with proper PPE and climbing gear, if climbing.

Location will be in Indianapolis. More information to come.

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