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SICIM Invasive Training Huntington

The State of Indiana Cooperative Invasives Management (SICIM) is offering training for anyone in Northeast Indiana interested in: invasive plant identification and management; habitat restoration for pollinators, birds, & other wildlife and conservation & restoration; and citizen science.

Registration is free but required and attendance is limited to 25 participants.

NOTE: Please bring your lunch and water to drink. Snacks will be provided. We will be spending some time outside for identification and management techniques, so please dress for the weather.

Training Agenda
8:45 AM –Registration and welcome
9:15 – Species Identification (classroom session)
11:30 – Lunch onsite (participants bring their own lunch) / Break
12:15 – Plant Identification in the field with landowner survey forms (this will be an opportunity to learn about our free landowner survey program and how we complete a landowner survey)
2:15 – Break
2:30 – Management technique demonstration and mini-Weed Wrangle®
3:00 – Depart

Event Speakers:
Dawn Slack: Indiana Invasives Initiative Project Coordinator (SICIM); Chair, Invasive Plant Advisory Committee
Dugan Julian: Regional Specialist, State of Indiana Cooperative Invasives Management (SICIM)

Species being covered: Poison hemlock, teasels, buckthorns, tree of heaven, roundleaf bittersweet, Japanese barberry, periwinkle and wintercreeper, English ivy, sweet autumn clematis, and white mulberry

To find dates, locations, and registration information for all trainings visit:

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