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Sea Grant Illinois-Indiana (IISG) Lake Michigan Fisheries Workshop

Join the Sea Grant Illinois-Indiana (IISG) for a seminar on the latest fish biology, ecology, and fisheries science happening in lake Michigan. Topics will include the economics of sportfishing, the importance of coastal wetlands to yellow perch, and an Illinois DNR fisheries report.

  • Economics of sport fishing
  • Importance of coastal wetlands to yellow perch
  • Latest Illinois DNR fisheries report for southern Lake Michigan

TAKE NOTE: The time is 6pm to 8:30pm Central time zone.

To register for the event visit Lake Michigan Fisheries Workshop.

A virtual Zoom workshop will be held April 13th from 6pm to 8pm Central time. Utilize the same registration link to register.

The workshop is presented by the Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant, Purdue Extension, Purdue Forestry and Natural Resources, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Loyola University, and the Wilmette Harbor Club. 

Virtual Zoom Public Fisheries Seminar IISG, Peter Euclide 2023, Apr 5 and 13.

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