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April 19, 2021


4-H Handbook - Click Here


4-H Animal Projects 101 - Added 4/19/2021


4-H Animal Projects 101




** As of 4/16/2021 Rabbit tattoos ARE required for the Daviess County 4-H Show


Livestock Record sheet located below.


Livestock general rules & dress code begin on page 118 of the handbook.  Please review the general rules and each specie that you are wanting to participate in for all rules, trainings and deadlines.


Livestock Premium Auction - guidelines/rule begin on page 134


Mini Livestock - Rules for Mini 4-H Livestock begin on page 144 & all mini exhibitors parents/guardians must complete a mini liability waiver.  See below or located in the mini section of the website, Click Here


Questions regarding Livestock please call the office at 812-254-8668 and speak with Jane Ann or Sylvia.  Livestock Committee members are listed under the volunteer section as well, Click Here


Rabbit Animal Health Advisory - see handout below

Poultry Exhibitor Form - see handout below 


Livestock resources, shows, workshops, and misc. - Click Here


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