Washington County 4-H

4-H Mission

The Indiana 4-H Youth Development mission is to provide real-life educational opportunities that develop young people who positively impact their community and world.

4-H Vision

Indiana 4-H Youth Development strives to be the premier, community-based program empowering young people to reach their full potential.

4-H pledge

I Pledge:

My HEAD to clearer thinking,

My HEART to greater loyalty,

My HANDS to larger service,                                                                          

And my HEALTH to better living,

For my club, my community, 

my country, and my world.

Contact Us


Purdue Extension - Washington County

4-H Youth Educator
806 Martinsburg Rd., Ste. 104
Salem, IN 47167
(812) 883-4601






4-H enrollment begins October 1st!

Enroll Now - v2.4honline.com 

Fair Entry




Animal Education

Arts & Crafts


Cake Decorating

Child Development

Collections - (County-Only Project - See Handbook for Exhibit Guidelines)
                      Collections Inventory Sheet


Computer Science

Construction and Architectural Replica

Consumer Clothing

Crops - (County-Only Project - See Handbook for Exhibit Guidelines)



Fashion Revue

Fine Art







Gift Wrapping - (County-Only Project - See Handbook for Exhibit Guidelines)                  


Home Environment

Junior Leaders
               Washington Co. Junior Leader Record Sheet

Microwave Cooking - (County-Only Project - See Handbook for Exhibit Guidelines)
                                      Recipe Card

Model Craft

Needle Craft

Performing Arts


Recycling - (County-Only Project - See Handbook for Exhibit Guidelines)            


Shooting Sports Education

Small Engine

Soil & Water Science

Sports - (County-Only Project - See Handbook for Exhibit Guidelines)


Strawberries - (County-Only Project - See Handbook for Exhibit Guidelines)

Tractor and Mower Safety and Operator Skills

Veterinary Science

Weather & Climate Science




Mini Bugs

Mini Cake Decorating
     1st & 2nd Grades

Mini Cat
     1st Grade
     2nd Grade

Mini Collections

Mini Computers 

Mini Crafts
     1st Grade
     2nd Grade

Mini Dog 
     1st Grade
     2nd Grade

Mini Flowers 
     1st Grade
     2nd Grade

Mini Foods 
     1st Grade
     2nd Grade

Mini Forestry 

Mini Garden
     1st & 2nd Grades 

Mini Livestock Poster
     Kindergarten Beef

Mini Livestock Showmanship - See Handbook

Mini Microwave

Mini Models 

Mini Photography

Mini Sewing

Mini Space

Mini Trees

Mini Woodworking

General 4-H Clubs

Boston Blazers
David & Sara Day (812) 967-4528

Canton Clovers
Steven & Elizabeth Heightchew (859) 619-8552

Gibson Township Super Stars
Kevin & Linda Baird (812) 752-6694
Denise Fleenor (812) 595-0240

Happy Clovers
Samantha Goen (765) 413-4882

Howard Lucky Clovers
Leslie & Debbie Batt (812) 883-2670
Shirley Batt (812) 844-0035

Pierce Pioneers
LeeAnn Knasel (502) 396-9913
Keisha Kaelin (812) 844-6999
Facebook:  Pierce Pioneers 4-H Club

Victory Farmers & Farmerettes
Pam Hawes (812) 620-1559
Jim & Marilyn Day (812) 883-3722
Steve & Angela Kelley (812) 883-8027
Kim Kiefer (812) 752-9111
Haley Burcham (812) 620-3250

4-H Project Clubs

Goat Club
Lindsey Tabor (812) 896-2099
Jeremy Hardwick (812) 620-2244
Facebook:  Washington Co. Goat Club

Klassic K-9's
(Club leader needed)

Washington Co. Wranglers (Horse & Pony)
Bill Reister & Marji Morris (812) 216-6505
Facebook: Washington County wranglers 4-H

Fur & Feathers
Nicole Purlee  (812) 675-1157
Denise McNew (812) 620-2240
Bonita Purlee (812) 620-4318
Facebook:  Washington County 4-H Fur and Feathers

Shooting Sports
(Grades 3-12 Only)
Jason Webster (812) 725-5700

Tractor Club
(Grades 3-12 Only)
Keith Day (812) 620-0924

  • 2023 Washington County Farmers-Merchants Fair Dates:  June 18-24, 2023
  • Washington County 4-H Fair Schedule (coming soon)
  • Indiana State Fair

  • 4-H Camp (More information coming soon)

  • Livestock Committee
  • Livestock Record Sheet
  • Livestock Checklist
  • ID Dates 
         Beef ID - 
         Sheep/Goat ID - 
  • 2023 Livestock Fee Form
  • 2023 Livestock Pen Fee Form
  • Rabbit Form
  • Poultry Form
  • County Born & Raised Form
  • Livestock Auction Information