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Sports & Fitness

Not eligible for the State Fair Entry

Resources: your project materials with forms for your Sports and Fitness Activities Diary, your record sheets, etc.  You will also need an inexpensive folder for your exhibit.

 This project is to encourage lifelong habits of physical activity, and to watch your progress as you have fun! 

A.  Sports and Fitness activities include all sports such as basketball, football, baseball, soccer, swimming, wrestling, track, cheerleading, horseback riding, gymnastics, etc.; all fitness exercises such as jogging, 20-minute periods of planned exercise (such as exercise bike, step aerobics, fitness tapes) etc. Household and garden chores such as vacuuming and gardening are not counted in this project.

B.  All of the above activities whether engaged in personally, with an audience, with an instructor, as a group or as extra‑curricular practice are included.  Public performance or competition is not required.  A notebook of activities is kept

C.  You may re‑enroll in this project for as many years as you like.  Each year you enroll, add a new section to your folder on top of the previous year's work.  Place the picture/paragraph for each year on the divider at the front of each section.

D.  Suggested grade categories are; Beginners GR 3-5; Intermediate GR 6-8; Advanced GR 9-12

EXHIBIT a notebook containing the following;

  • On the title page write a paragraph about yourself. You may include something about your hobbies and your family or your hopes for the future. An optional photo of yourself may be attached above the paragraph on the Title page (you may use the pattern for title page in your project materials, or you may design your own.
  • Dated Sports and Fitness Activities Diary (log sheet(s)). These may be handwritten, and show use over time.  They may also be records kept by computer.
  • (Optional) You may also include up to 2 pages (4 sides) of programs, photos, draw­ings, or guidelines related to your project. Place these at the end of your project record.