2022 Morgan County 4-H Auction

2022 Morgan County


4-H Livestock Auction

Thursday, August 4, 2022, 4:00 PM EST

Morgan County 4-H Fairgrounds

Show Arena

1749 Hospital Drive

Martinsville, IN 46151

Contact Us

Purdue Extension Morgan County

180 S. Main Street, Suite 229

Martinsville, IN 46151



Livestock Auction Sellers List


Exhibitor                                         Club/ Parents/ City

  1. Kaydance Towell-Crook                Rising Hope 4-H Club/ Alicia & Mike Towell/ Martinsville
  2. Jacob Wunderlich                         Pioneer Clovers 4-H Club/ Tammy & Ryan Wunderlich/ Mooresville
  3. Cole Musgrave                             Morgan County 4-H Swine Club/ Tommy & Rae Musgrave/ Martinsville 
  4. Zackary Musgrave                        Morgan County 4-H Swine Club/ Tommy & Rae Musgrave/ Martinsville 
  5. Morgan Hamilton                          Busy Beetles/ Kim Brennan & Becki Hamilton/ Martinsville
  6. Elleigh Musgrave                          Morgan County 4-H Swine Club/ Tommy & Rae Musgrave/ Martinsville 
  7. Tucker Musgrave                          Morgan County 4-H Swine Club/ Tommy & Rae Musgrave/ Martinsville
  8. Callihan Barnhart                          Rising Hope 4-H Club/ Rachel Barnhart/ Danville
  2. Piper Phillips                                  Morgan County 4-H Junior Leaders/ Kelly & Chris Phillips/ Monrovia
  3. Willow Phillips                                Morgan County 4-H Poultry Club/ Kelly & Chris Phillips/ Monrovia
  1. Ryan Kivett                                    Monrovia 4-H Club/ Aaron & Tisha Kivett/ Monrovia
  2. Lydia Piercefield                            Busy Beetles/ Stephanie Piercefield & Dean Messmer/ Martinsville
  3. Keyera Kidwell                               Clover Kids/ Jill & Eric Kidwell/ Martinsville
  4. Nolan Baker                                   Beef Club/ Christopher & Rio Baker/ Mooresville
  5. Alyssa Etter                                    Beef Club/ Connie Etter/ Martinsville
  6. Wyatt Buster                                  Morgan County 4-H Swine Club/ Jennifer & Jeff Buster/ Martinsville
  7. Addison Kennedy                          Monrovia 4-H Club/ Tom & Brenda Kennedy/ Monrovia
  1. Zoey Kivett                                    Monrovia 4-H Club/ Adam & Amber Kivett/ Monrovia
  2. Bryce Maxwell                               Morgan County 4-H Swine Club/ Jason Maxwell/ Martinsville
  3. Kiley Etter                                      Canine Crusaders 4-H Dog Club/ Laura & Aaron Etter/ Martinsville
  4. Danica Myers                                Morgan County 4-H Swine Club/ Richard & Karen Myers/ Martinsville
  5. Nolan Stantz                                  Morgan County 4-H Sportfishing Club/ Sarah & Scott Stantz/ Martinsville
  6. Sean Hedrick                                 Morgan County 4-H Swine Club/ Emma & Michael Hedrick/ Martinsville
  7. Jeremiah Cook                              Beef Club/ Tom & Londa Cook/ Martinsville
  8. Jonathan Cook                              Beef Club/ Tom & Londa Cook/ Martinsville
  9. Cash Kidwell                                  Clover Kids/ Jill & Eric Kidwell/ Martinsville
  10. Ava Hess                                        Morgan County 4-H Swine Club/ Andrea Hess/ Martinsville

30. Adelika Walters                              MC IN 4-H Goat Club/ Katina & Jeffery Roberts/ Martinsville

31. Zoe Long                                        Morgan County 4-H Horse and Pony Club/ Rebecca Para & Steven Long/ Martinsville

32. Rorie Dilbone                                 Critter Keepers/ Natalie & Jason Dilbone/ Gosport

33. Liam MacPhee                               MC IN 4-H Goat Club/ Lisa & Jacob MacPhee/ Martinsville

34. Kyndal Moore                                 Clover Kids/ Nikita Urban/ Martinsville

35. Bella Vaught                                   MC IN 4-H Goat Club/ James & Angee Abraham/ Martinsville

36. Katie MacPhee                               MC IN 4-H Goat Club/ Lisa & Jacob MacPhee/ Martinsville

37. Paisley Herwehe LaVullis               Country Friends/ Kayla & Joshua LaVullis/ Mooresville

38. Kelsey Moore                                  MC IN 4-H Goat Club/ Nikita & Andrew Urban/ Martinsville

39. Jadason Beliles                               MC IN 4-H Goat Club/ Dana & Jason Beliles/ Martinsville

40. Elijah Chupp                                    Hoosier Plow Kids 4-H Club/ Elizabeth & Chris Chupp/ Gosport

41. Izzy Bolin                                         Critter Keepers/ Shelly Bolin/ Mooresville

42. Breanna Mendenhall                       Critter Keepers/ Melinda & Andrew Mendenhall/ Mooresville

43. Ryan Bell                                         MC IN 4-H Goat Club/ Denise Bell/ Martinsville

44. Zavery Vaught                                 MC IN 4-H Goat Club/ James & Angee Abraham/ Martinsville

45. Dilon Ebmeyer                                 Beef Club/ Donna Graham & Tiffany Ebmeyer/ Martinsville

46. Jenna Somerville                             MC IN 4-H Goat Club/ Janelle & Bobby Lasley/ Martinsville


47. Chloe Cragen                                   Morgan County 4-H Swine Club/ Casey & Tonya Cragen/ Martinsville

48. Blaine Maxwell                                 Morgan County 4-H Swine Club/ Jason Maxwell/ Martinsville

49. Emma Schoolcraft                           Busy Beetles/ Shannon & John Schoolcraft/ Martinsville

50. Madelyn Stantz                                Morgan County 4-H Sportfishing Club/ Sarah & Scott Stantz/ Martinsville

51. Luke Finney                                     A&A Township 4-H Club/ Andrew Finney/ Martinsville

52.Ava Saucerman                               A&A Township 4-H Club/ Ryan & Callie Saucerman/ Martinsville

53. Alex Goss                                        Morgan County 4-H Sportfishing Club/ Crystal Zoller & Brian Goss/ Paragon

54. Mary Hedrick                                   Morgan County 4-H Swine Club/ Michael & Emma Hedrick/ Martinsville

55. Allie Layton                                      Morgan County 4-H Swine Club/ Mitchum & Stephanie Layton/ Martinsville

56. Jackson Saucerman                        A&A Township 4-H Club/ Ryan & Callie Saucerman/ Martinsville

57. Kasey Etter                                      Canine Crusaders 4-H Dog Club/ Laura & Aaron Etter/ Martinsville

58. Grace Runnebohm                          Morgan County 4-H Swine Club/ Jennifer & Matt Runnebohm/ Martinsville

59. Libby Hedrick                                   Morgan County 4-H Swine Club/ Emma & Michael Hedrick/ Martinsville

60. Keeley Rush                                    Morgan County 4-H Swine Club/ Riondre & Chris Baker/ Mooresville

61. Kendal Etter                                     Canine Crusaders 4-H Dog Club/ Laura & Aaron Etter/ Martinsville

62. Greyson Crone                                Monrovia 4-H Club/ Cara & Brady Crone/ Martinsville

63. Bo Berling                                        Morgan County 4-H Shooting Sports Club/ Dwayne & Sarah Berling/ Mooresville

64. Levi Crone                                       Monrovia 4-H Club/ Dustin & Karey Crone/ Monrovia

65. Dariann Harless                               A&A Township 4-H Club/ Billy Harless, Sr/ Cloverdale

66. Caleb Zupancic                               Morgan County 4-H Horse and Pony Club/ Shawn Zupancic/ Morgantown

67. Avery Robertson                             Monrovia 4-H Club/ Chris & Jasmine Robertson/ Mooresville

68. Jaxon Stark                                     Country Kids/ Angela Stark/ Morgantown

69. Charlotte Peine                               Morgan County 4-H Swine Club/ Rachel & Doug Peine/ Martinsville

70. Ethan Marsh                                   Monrovia 4-H Club/ Ryan & Angie Marsh/ Monrovia

71. Easton Watkins                               A&A Township 4-H Club/ Jared Watkins/ Quincy

72. Ainsley Lowder                               Morgan County 4-H Horse and Pony Club/ Melissa & Nathan Lowder/ Martinsville

73. Violet Peine                                     Morgan County 4-H Swine Club/ Rachel & Douglas Peine/ Martinsville

74. Joseph Runnebohm                        Morgan County 4-H Swine Club/ Jennifer & Matt Runnebohm/ Martinsville

75. Kendall Cragen                               Morgan County 4-H Swine Club/ Casey & Tonya Cragen/ Martinsville

76. Broden West                                   Morgan County 4-H Junior Leaders/ Amanda & Nathan West/ Mooresville

77. Noah Finney                                   A&A Township 4-H Club/ Andrew Finney/ Martinsville

78. William Cragen                               Morgan County 4-H Swine Club/Casey & Tonya Cragen/ Martinsville

79. Adrianna Sawyer                            Morgan County 4-H Swine Club/ Jessica & Paul Sawyer/ Camby

80. Eden Ennis                                     Morgan County 4-H Swine Club/ Heather & Chad Ennis/ Martinsville

81. Emery Cragen                                Morgan County 4-H Swine Club/ Casey & Tonya Cragen/ Martinsville

82. Wyatt Berling                                  Monrovia 4-H Club/ Dwayne & Sarah Berling/ Mooresville

83. Clint Rinehart                                 Clover Kids/ Donna Lynn & Nathan Rinehart/ Martinsville

84. Evea Ennis                                     Morgan County 4-H Swine Club/ Heather & Chad Ennis/ Martinsville

85. Riliegh Sawyer                               Morgan County 4-H Swine Club/ Jessica & Paul Sawyer/ Camby

86. Karleigh Simpson                           A&A Township 4-H Club/ Amanda Simpson & Cody Wood/ Gosport

87. Cooper Stantz                                Morgan County 4-H Sportfishing Club/ Sarah & Scott Stantz/ Martinsville

88. Addie Dean                                    Morgan County 4-H Swine Club/ Brandi Dean/ Martinsville

89. Grace Graves                                 Pioneer Clovers 4-H Club/ Amanda & Timothy Graves/ Mooresville

90. William Mason Etter                        Beef Club/ Connie & Will Etter/ Martinsville

91. Taylor Tobin                                     Morgan County 4-H Swine Club/ Mary (Missy) Tobin/ Martinsville

92. Brooklyn Baker                                Morgan County 4-H Swine Club/ Riondre & Chris Baker/ Mooresville

93. Noah Wilson                                    Morgan County 4-H Swine Club/ Brandi & Gary Dean/ Martinsville

94. Maddie MacPhee                            Morgan County 4-H Junior Leaders/ Lisa & Jacob MacPhee/ Martinsville

95. Brantley Lewis                                 Morgan County 4-H Swine Club/ Jennifer & Jeff Buster/ Martinsville

96. Gavin Smith                                     Country Kids/ Clyce Smith & Leslie Howell/ Morgantown

97. Barron Eastman                               Monrovia 4-H Club/ Tiffany Eastman/ Martinsville

98. Grace Wunderlich                            Pioneer Clovers 4-H Club/ Ryan & Tammy Wunderlich/ Mooresville

99. Ethan Ross                                      Pioneer Clovers 4-H Club/ Christopher & Brittany Ross/ Martinsville

100. Kylee Craig                                      A&A Township 4-H Club/ Kyle & Leesha Craig/ Martinsville

101. Jaxon Walls                                     Morgan County 4-H Swine Club/ Kaitlyn Walls/ Martinsville

102. Maxine Cosat                                   Tractor SPARK Club - Morgan County/ Jason & Erica Cosat/ Martinsville


103. Scarlett Pheifer                                 Monrovia 4-H Club/ Rodney & Priscilla Pheifer/ Mooresville

104. John Holzer                                       Country Kids/ Laurel Castelot & Brian Holzer/ Morgantown

105. Violet Pheifer                                     Monrovia 4-H Club/ Rodney & Priscilla Pheifer/ Mooresville



Photos of 4-H’ers and their Animals for the Auction *This is important.*

In order to better represent your animal in the auction, a photo will be displayed on the show arena screen.  It is your responsibility to submit a photo that shows both you and your animal. Here is the link to do this:  bit.ly/livestocksalephoto  Please have your photo uploaded by August 1st to this link.  Questions? Call us at the Extension Office at 765 342-1010.  Thank you for your awesome help!


Livestock Auction Thursday, August 4th at 4:00 pm

The Livestock Auction will be in-person for 2022 at the show arena on Thursday, August 5th at 4:00 pm.  Animals will not be present at the auction, and members will walk through the sale while a photo of them with their animal is presented on screen.  The auction is a premium-only sale since animals will have been shipped after their shows, or taken home until their butcher appointments. Premium-only means that your animal will still be eligible for bids and add-ons, and you have 90 days to have the animal butchered.  See and complete the correct parts of the consignment form if you have an appointment to harvest set up ahead of time.   Flyers to invite buyers to the sale will be available at the Extension Office and below. Please encourage your buyers to preregister through this site ahead of time. Thanks.

Morgan County 4-H Livestock Auction


Buyers Pre-Register Now! 

Click Here To Register
Order of 2022 Auction: Sheep, Rabbit, Beef, Goat, Swine, Poultry
Place a bid or add-on bid at the
Morgan County 4-H Livestock Auction
Thursday, August 4, 2022, at 4:00 PM EST
in the Show Arena. 
Add-on cards are available at the auction. 
Fillable Buyer Add-on Sheets Can Be Downloaded HERE

Ways to Support the Morgan County 4-H Members:

  1. Bid and buy at the auction. Register Here: https://bit.ly/4hlivestocksale
  2. Donate add-on bids to specific members or groups of members. (Download at the link above. Add-on cards are also available at the auction.)
  3. Be a Friend of 4-H. Your donation helps defray auction expenses for all participating members.
  4. Make a custom contribution. (You tell us your plan.)
  5. The committee provides a bidder for you if you cannot attend.
    1. Checks can also be mailed to the 4-H Livestock Auction C/O Patty Dow, Clerk,  258 S. Denny Hill Rd, Paragon, IN 46166

What is the 4-H Livestock Auction?

The 4-H Livestock Auction is the culmination of a year of hard work and dedication for over 400 4-H animal exhibitors in Morgan County.  These members learn a number of valuable life skills and lessons:

  • Animal husbandry and proper livestock care and management.
  • The importance of managing financial resources and making business decisions.
  • Responsibility and time management to meet their goals of raising a healthy animal that meets the 4-H criteria.
  • Responsibility to the end consumer of a safe food product.
  • Teamwork, good sportsmanship, citizenship, and leadership.
  • The sale is terminal
  • This is a premium-only sale.
    • Arrangements to purchase an animal to butcher should be made with a 4-H member in advance.
  • Live animals will not be displayed with the 4-H’er during the sale due to conflicts with the Indiana State Fair
  • Present this flyer at the gate for free entry to the fairgrounds


The 4-H members thank you for your support!

Please participate in the 2022 Morgan County 4-H Livestock Auction and know that you have invested in our youth!

Your Continued Support is Greatly Appreciated! 


Many Thanks to our

2021 4-H  livestock AUCTION buyers! 




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