Learn to identify wildlife, basic wildlife needs, and how wildlife interact with other wildlife and with people. At the advanced level, you will learn how to create a wildlife habitat wherever you live.

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How can you showcase what you learned?

Show-off what you learned at the Marion County Showcase through a poster or notebook.

What are the guidelines for showcasing/ exhibiting your project at the fair?
exhibit guidelines:
  • Cloverbud 4-H members:
    • Make a poster or notebook about one of the following ideas: evidence of wildlife in your community--you could take or draw pictures, keep a record of what wildlife you have seen or describe evidence of wildlife you have not seen but know are present (such as animal tracks); about nocturnal animals; or research a certain species (e.g., white-tailed deer, raccoon, red-tailed hawk, etc.).
      • Note: A reference list must be included with your poster or notebook.
    • Make a diorama showing wildlife

Classic 4-H members: Could your project advance to the state fair? Yes  
How can you learn more about this project? (e.g., manuals, workshops)

Learn about wildlife by completing hands-on activities in the 4-H manuals below:


Keep track of what you learned using the Wildlife Record Sheet (All levels).

Discover Indiana’s native wildlife

Visit the Indiana 4-H’s Wildlife webpage for more resources.