Weather and Climate Science

Do you wonder what causes weather changes? Why do we have different seasons and climates on Earth? In Weather and Climate Science, you not only learn basic information about weather and climate science, but you will also observe and record weather conditions and learn weather symbols and terms.

Weather and climate science project INFOrmation

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How can you showcase what you learned?

Youth can showcase their knowledge through a poster display or notebook at the Marion County Showcase, depending on the level of their project.

What are the guidelines for showcasing/ exhibiting your project at the fair?
Exhibit guidelines:
    • Cloverbud 4-H members: Pick a weather/climate-related subject that interests you. Learn about it and then create a poster or notebook to teach others about it. Ideas include: defining five words that are “weather” words; describing what to do in case of severe weather conditions; a weather notebook (or diary) of the weather for 30 days with descriptions of what is different on each of the days; describing what effect the weather has on the environment; conducting a “weather” experiment by creating a tornado in a bottle or making fog and describing why you did the experiment, what you wanted to learn/know, what you did, and what materials you used; showing the different types of clouds or precipitation; or making something that you can use to measure weather conditions such as a windsock or  rain gauge.
      • Note: A reference list must be included with your poster or notebook. 
  • Cloverbud 4-H members--no scorecard
  • Classic 4-H members--Note: A reference list must be included with your poster or notebook.

Classic 4-H members: Could your project advance to the state fair? Yes  

How can you learn more about this project? (e.g., manuals, workshops) 

Have fun with the activities in the 4-H manuals below to learn about weather and climate while preparing your poster or notebook:

Keep track of what you learned using a record sheet: all levels, independent study advanced, independent study mentoring.

Visit Indiana 4-H’s Weather and Climate Science webpage for more resources.