Learn about, raise, and manage a small flock of birds. Chickens, turkeys, ducks, guineas, pigeons, and all other forms of waterfowl and game birds!

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How can you showcase what you learned?

Youth may enter one (1) or more bird(s) that have been fed and cared for by the member for the Marion County Poultry Show, or enter a poster, notebook, or presentation highlighting what they have learned.

What are the guidelines for showcasing/ exhibiting your project at the fair?
exhibit guidelines:
    • Cloverbud 4-H members: Enter a poster, notebook, or presentation and/or participate in showmanship with a stuffed model. Due to liability issues of handling live animals, Cloverbuds may not enter/show live animals.
      • Note: A reference list must be included with your poster or notebook.
    • Note: All Classic 4-H members entering live birds must complete the annual Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YWCA) animal ethics training. Contact the Marion County Extension office for help getting certified.
    • Note: A reference list must be included with your poster or notebook.

Note: Marion County 4-H does not offer the poultry science display. Contact the extension office if you are interested in participating in the poultry science display at the state fair. 




Classic 4-H members: Could your project advance to the state fair? Yes

Note: Read the Indiana 4-H Policies and Procedures for 4-H Animal Shows at the Indiana State Fair​​ so you are familiar. 

How can you learn more about this project? (e.g., manuals, workshops) 

Learn how to raise and care for birds by completing the 4-H manuals below:

Use a record sheet to help you keep track of your birds and what you learned:

Other helpful resources:

Visit Indiana 4-H’s Poultry webpage for more help.