Pets and Other Animals

Share your love of your favorite pet as you learn more about animal care, feeding, housing, and management.

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How can you showcase what you learned?

You may enter animals that you have fed and cared for at the Marion County Pet Show, or enter a poster or notebook highlighting what you have learned.

What are the guidelines for showcasing/ exhibiting your project at the fair?
exhibit guidelines:
  • Cloverbud 4-H members: Enter a poster, notebook, or presentation and/or participate in showmanship with a stuffed model. Due to liability issues of handling live animals, Cloverbuds may not enter/show live animals.
    • Note: A reference list must be included with your poster or notebook.
  • Classic 4-H members: Bring your pet to exhibit at the Marion County Pet Show! All animals must come in a cage. It is recommended to bring along your completed 4-H manual or other materials to show the judge what you have learned. Categories may include:
  • Arachnid & Insect: Madagascar hissing cockroaches, millipedes, praying mantis, tarantulas, scorpions and walking sticks
  • Aquatic: Crabs, fish, frogs, mudpuppies, newts and salamanders
  • Birds: All pet birds
  • Mammals: Ferrets, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, rabbits, prairie dogs, gerbils, hamsters, mice, rats and sugar gliders.
    • Note: Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) animal ethics certification is required ONLY for rabbits that will be entered in the State Fair. Contact the Marion County Extension office for help getting certified.
    • Ferrets must be accompanied by a completed Certificate of Vaccination signed by a veterinarian.
  • Reptiles: Lizards (non-poisonous), snakes (non-poisonous), toads and turtles
  • Cats: All pet cats. Reference the Cat project page.
  • Any other animal may be exhibited only upon approval of the Extension Educator. Note: Shows may be amended, cancelled, or added based on participation.

Consider creating a poster about your pet to submit in our Animal Posters project, too! 


  • Cloverbud 4-H members--no scorecard
  • Classic 4-H members--Judging is based on an exhibitor’s knowledge of the animal and how well the animal has been taken care of, including animal care, feeding, housing, and management.

Classic 4-H members: Could your project advance to the state fair? No

How can you learn more about this project? (e.g., manuals, workshops)

The 4-H manuals below can help you learn more about your pet:

Visit Indiana 4-H’s Pet and Rabbit webpages for more helpful information.

Formerly called Small Animals.

Cats are included in their own project category.

Aquatic science - poster only can be entered under Animal Education