Learn basic first aid and healthy well-being, especially if you are interested in pursuing a medical profession. Practice first aid skills, explore hygiene, nutrition, and physical fitness, and then put all the knowledge gained into practice as you develop your own personal plan and practice making decisions. Disease prevention, decision making, and healthy lifestyle choices are just a few of the life skills that you could develop during the Health project

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How can you showcase what you learned?

Showcase what you have learned by exhibiting a poster or notebook with what you have learned through your research on health and well-being.

What are the guidelines for showcasing/ exhibiting your project at the fair?
exhibit guidelines:
  • Cloverbud 4-H members: Create a basic First Aid Kit; make a boo boo bunny; or create a poster about first aid, explaining a home fire drill procedure or about healthy eating or exercise.



    • Cloverbud 4-H members--no scorecard

Classic 4-H members: Could your project advance to the state fair? Yes 
How can you learn more about this project? (e.g., manuals, workshops)


Check-out the 4-H manuals and resources below. Ask your 4-H Leader for more information as well. 



Keep track of what you learned using the Health & Well-being Record Sheet.

Find more helpful information at Indiana 4-H’s Health webpage.


The state has updated the grades in each level to “suggested”. If you need help deciding which level to choose, please contact the Marion County 4-H team.