About the 4-H Child Development Project

Create instructional and/or play materials for young children at different age levels! Items can teach things like speech and language, hand eye coordination, and many more developmental aspects of life and could be used for babysitting, younger brothers and sisters, preschoolers, or toddlers.


Contact the Marion County 4-H office:


Marion County 4-H home page

Child Development Project Manuals

You can learn more about the child development project by completing one of the project activity guides, based on your grade level:

Track what you learn by using one of the child development project record sheets:

Showcasing What You’ve Learned

You can create a project exhibit poster or notebook to showcase what you’ve learned while working on your project. Project exhibits are submitted for judging at the annual Marion County Showcase.

Exhibit Guidelines

Score Cards

Advancing to the State Fair

  • Yes! Child development project exhibits from 4-H members grades 3 and up may advance to the State Fair.

Cloverbuds (Grades K-2)


  • Explore different aspects of child development by creating a poster or notebook about what you learned, or create an educational toy.
  • Cloverbud projects are for exhibition only (not judged), so there are no scorecards, and exhibits are not eligible to advance to the State Fair.

More Child Development Project Resources