Exhibit Hall Static Project Events

Exhibit Hall Project Check-In Day 1

4-H Exhibit Hall

June 7, 7 PM - 9 PM
Exhibit Hall Project Check-In Day 2

4-H Exhibit Hall

June 8, 9AM - NOON
Exhibit Hall Set Up

4-H Exhibit Hall

June 9, 9AM

4-H Livestock Events

Livestock Project Check In

All species except for Poultry

June 10, 9AM - 9 PM
Poultry Check In

June 10 9AM - 9PM
Livestock Weigh In

All species except poultry (poultry weigh in starts at 7 PM)

June 10 6PM
4-H Poultry Show

Superintendent: Jimmy Bliss, 812-732-4497

June 15, NOON
4-H Meat Goat Show

Superintendent: Savannah Clem, 812-267-0053

June 11, 4PM
4-H Dairy Female Show

Superintendent: Dana Leffler, 812-946-0720

June 12, NOON
4-H Rabbit Show

Superintendent: Patti Byerley

June 13, 9AM
4-H Dairy Beef Show

Superintendent: Shirley Jones, 812-267-0705

June 13, 2PM
4-H Beef Show

Superintendent: Alice Hayse, 812-225-1881

June 13, 5PM
4-H Sheep Show

Superintendent: Tiffany Camp, 812-736-0556

June 14, 10 AM
4-H Swine Show

Superintendent: Lynne Thomas, 812-267-5517

June 14, 5PM
Dismissal of Non Auction Animals

AFTER Swine Show

Dairy Goat Show

Superintendent: Kristen Garwood, 812-732-4769

June 15, NOON
Large Animal Master Showman

Superintendent: Kathy Eschbacher Timberlake, 812-267-3949

June 15, 5PM
Small Animal Master Showman

Superintendent: Courtney Greenwell, 270-402-9097

June 16, 10 AM

More 4-H Fair Events

4-H Exhibit Hall & Senior Awards Ceremony

Bring your Friends and Family! Located in the show barn.

June 16, 3PM
Livestock Auction

June 16, 6PM
Exhibit Hall Project Check Out

4-H Exhibit Hall

June 18, 9AM - NOON