WOOL-County Only Project

General Rules

  1. Exhibitor must be a 4‑H member during the current year.
  2. A completed record sheet must be presented, along with your exhibit, when the project is checked in at the fair.
  3. Wool is to be brought to the fair for judging on the day of the Sheep Show.
  4. Each exhibitor is limited to two fleeces in the show.
  5. It is suggested that the fleeces be removed by March 1 and that the fleeces be from the animals of 4‑H Sheep Flock members.
  6. All fleeces will show together and placing will be made on a Blue, Red, or White ribbon basis.
  7. Champion and Reserve Champion fleeces will be selected from Blue ribbon fleeces.

Record Sheet:  C4‑H wool                                                                                           (Rev 12/09)

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