There will be no State Fair exhibits for this project.

Manual Information

  1. The Pet manuals are divided into levels according to the following breakdown:

               Level 1                        Grades 3, 4, &  5

               Level 2                        Grades 6, 7, &  8

               Level 3                        Grades 9 and above

  1. Manuals may be purchased, if desired. Members will use the same manual for more than one year.
  2. Members are strongly encouraged to attend activities and participate in the learning experiences offered for their level each year.
  3. The Pet record sheet, signed by your leader, must be checked at the time of Pet Show Registration.
  4. Record sheets will then be placed in your green folder and turned in at the county fair. 4-H leaders may grade record sheets.

Exhibit Requirements:  Do one of the following:

  1. Exhibit your pet at the 4-H Pet Show, held during the 4-H Fair.
  2. Exhibit a Pet educational poster. (Refer to page 44 in this handbook for details)
  3. Do an Interactive Demonstration.

Pet Show Rules

  1. Pets that can be shown in the 4-H Pet Project include, but are not limited to: hamsters, gerbils, mice, Guinea Pigs, lizards, iguanas, ferrets, canaries, parakeets, turtles, frogs, snakes, Pot-Bellied Pigs, etc.  Animals that fit in other 4-H project categories (dogs, cats, fish, rabbits, chickens, ducks, etc.)  are not eligible for the Pet project.
  2. 4-H’ers may exhibit only one pet in the 4-H Pet show.
  3. All pets should be in the possession of and cared for by the 4-H’er no later than May 15.
  4. Pets will be taken to the fair on the day of judging and will return home after the show.
  5. Pets must be taken to the fair caged, contained, etc. It will be the responsibility of the 4-H’er to keep the pet contained during the show, but the 4-H’er must be able to handle the pet if the judge requests it.
  6. Pets must be exhibited in their living environments. The cage/aquarium will be considered as part of the total judging.  The judge must be able to see the pet in the environment –no hiding!
  7. Pets must be clean and show no signs of disease, parasites, etc.
    General Rules For Interactive Demonstrations
  8. Interactive Demonstrations may be given on any topic related to pets.
  9. Refer to “Verbal Communication Events and Activities” in this handbook for details.


Level 1:  Pet Pals   BU-6359

Level 2:  Scurrying Ahead   BU-6360

Level 3:  Scaling The Heights   BU-6361                                                            

Record Sheet:  CO-636a used for all levels                                                    (Rev 10/13)


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