MEMORY BOOK-County Only Project

There will be no State Fair exhibits for this project.

A completed record sheet signed by your 4‑H leader must be presented, along with your exhibit, at project check-in at the fair.

General Rules

  1. The 4‑H Memory Book project is an organized presentation of what the member has learned and accomplished in the current 4‑H year. Current year memory book is the only book needed to bring to judging.
  2. The Memory Book Manual may be typed or handwritten in ink.
  3. The Memory Book must include the Member's 4‑H Story (an essay of 4‑H experiences). The story is limited to 500 words and may be handwritten, typed, or computer generated.
  4. In addition, the Memory Book may include snapshots, news clippings, ribbons, programs, etc. which help to describe the 4‑H member's current year experiences.
  5. The Memory Book may be exhibited in a notebook of the member's choice.
  6. The project will be judged by divisions.

Exhibit Requirements

Exhibit a notebook including the following:

  1. Memory Book Manual
  2.   Member's 4‑H Story
  3. Any additional items to help describe member's experiences (ribbons, snapshots, etc.)

Notebook will be judged on the following:

  • Manual Creativity
  • "My 4‑H Story" Neatness
  • Completeness Organization

Manual:  C4‑H 300           Record Sheet in manual                                          (Rev. 01/06)


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