GIFT WRAPPING-County Only Project

There will be no State Fair exhibits for this project.

A completed record sheet signed by your 4‑H leader must be presented, along with your exhibit, at project check-in at the fair. 

This project is divided into three levels according to the following breakdown:

          Level 1                        Grades 3, 4, &  5

          Level 2                        Grades 6, 7, &  8

          Level 3                        Grades 9 and above

General Rules

  1. A package for exhibit purposes should not contain an article.
  2. All exhibits require a 3” x 5” card attached to the bottom of the package with the following information:
    1. Occasion
    2. Age of person receiving the gift
    3. Is gift for man, woman, boy, or girl?
  1. No ready-made bows may be used in any level, but ribbon may be purchased to make a bow.
  2. “Making your own wrapping paper” is defined as decorating plain wrapping paper in ways such as painting, drawing, stamping with a design, stenciling, applying stickers, etc.
  1. Wrapped package should show creativity. Use your imagination!

Exhibit Requirements

Level 1 – Exhibit one of the following:

  1. One (1) simple wrapped box, square and/or rectangular, including bows you made by yourself, using commercial paper.
  2. One (1) wrapped cylinder-shaped package using commercial paper. Show creativity in materials you choose.
  3. One (1) package with the top and bottom wrapped separately so the judge can open it. The box is to be wrapped inside and outside using commercial paper. The box must contain a liner, like tissue paper. It will be judged on inside appearance and outside wrapping. Be creative. Learn to wrap box and lid separately, so they look like one box. Use imagination by adding animals, bells, cards, etc. to your packages. Practice proper folding and placement of liner in boxes.
  4. Purchased wrapping paper must be used. You may not make your own wrapping paper in this level.
  5. You may use a store purchased bow or design your own.

Level 2 – Exhibit one of the following:

  1. One (1) package, square, rectangle, or cylinder-shaped including bows you made with your own designed wrapping paper. You may use your own designed paper or commercial paper may be used.
  2. One (1) wrapped odd-shaped package using commercial paper or your own designed paper. Package for your exhibit should be shaped other than square, rectangle or cylinder. Examples: Heart-shaped, sphere, octagon, diamond, etc.
  3. One (1) wrapped package using any material other than paper or bows. Judging emphasis will be on originality and creativity
  4. A paper wrapping is to be used in this level. This may be purchased gift wrap, newspaper, brown paper, tissue wrap, etc., or you may make your own wrapping paper (refer to general rule #4).
  5. You must make your own bow or package decoration.

Level 3 – Exhibit one of the following:

  1. Wrap items that are not box-like. Examples: doll, garbage can, bowl, etc. One (1) package – must be a container that is not box like, using commercial, own designed paper, or a variety of materials.
  2. One (1) self-made gift bag that is decorated. Helpful hint: fill with tissue paper, streamers, etc.
  3. Two (2) packages – 1 package is a set of packages, not more than three, in a tiered effect, using any type of gift wrap. The other package is wrapped for mailing/shipping purposes. Learn to wrap packages for shipping or mailing, and a set of packages. Use strapping tape, packing material, and proper labeling. Learn the rules and regulations for the shipping/mailing of packages.
  4. Free choice – one (1) package using three skills from previous divisions. Examples: heart shape, designed own paper, box & lid wrapped separately.
  5. You must make your own wrapping paper (refer to General Rule #4), or use a creative covering of your choice other than traditional wrapping paper (such as fabric, scarf, towel, diaper, baby blanket, etc.).
  6. You must make your own bow or package decoration.


Manual:  C4-H 100                               Record Sheet:  C4-H 500                            (Rev 011/19)


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