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December 28, 2018


Level 1: Grades 3-4

Level 2: Grades 5-6

Level 3: Grades 7-9

Level 4: Grades 10-12

Independent Study: Grades 9-12

Project Requirements


*All divisions must include a completed general record sheet

*See Poster Requirements Page 12

*State Fair Entry One per Level

Exhibit Requirements

Level 1

Level 2

Exhibit One of the Following:

Level 3

Exhibit One of the Following:

Level 4

Exhibit One of the Following:

Exhibit one article of choice made during the current 4-H program year demonstrating a minimum of five (5) techniques outlined in the Indiana 4-H Woodworking Tools, Techniques and Skills Chart, 4-H 6875C-W. Exhibits may also include lower level techniques that have been mastered. Any lower level techniques will not be counted as part of the minimum five, but nevertheless will be evaluated for quality. A woodworking skills sheet is to be submitted with the exhibit for judging.





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