​E​EO Counselors

EEO Counselors cover 10 areas around the state in Purdue Extension.  EEO Counselors deal more with the legal obligation to be knowledgeable of pertinent laws and create an atmosphere of inclusiveness and adherence to those EEO/ADA and Civil Rights Laws.

The role of the EEO Counselor is to:
  • Help increase awareness of area educators about our commitment to EEO, ADA and Civil Rights Laws.
  • Establish an open channel for employees to raise questions, discuss grievances.
  • Get answers to questions, and on an informal basis, gain resolution to problems
  • Serve as bridges between employees (or applicants) and administration in helping to guide the employee or applicant to the correct resource if needed.
  • Keep complete records of interactions.  (It should be understood that counselors do not attempt to resolve formal complaints).
  • Conduct Exit Interviews with employees that voluntarily leave Purdue Extension.

Purdue Extension EEO Counselors

Area 1 - Marcia Parcell, Dearborn County & Jeff Hermesch, Decatur County
Area 2 - Gina Anderson, Floyd County & Richard Beckort, Jackson County
Area 3 - Meagan Brothers, Vanderburgh County & Nick Held, Spencer County
Area 5 - Jennifer Cannon, Putnam County & Jim Luzar, Parke County
Area 6 - Amanda Veenhuizen, Shelby County & Steve Wagoner, Marion County
Area 7 - Molly Hunt, Delaware County & Gary Simmons, Madison County
Area 8 - Kim Frazier, Miami County & Mark Kepler, Fulton County
Area 9 - Jean Akers, Warren County & Bryan Overstreet, Jasper County
Area 10 - Allison Goshorn, LaPorte County & Jeff Burbrink, Elkhart County
Area 11 - Barb Thuma, Allen County & Doug Keenan​, Noble County
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