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The Indiana 4-H Livestock Volunteer Conference is designed for existing county 4-H volunteers that are involved in livestock that are interested in learning more about designing educational opportunities for 4-H members that are age-appropriate, hands-on and fun. Additionally, learn how to incorporate all three 4-H missions (Science, Citizenship and Healthy Living) into livestock club meetings and workshops.
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Cass County Handbook, Forms, Exhibit Cards, Recipe Cards, and Skills Cards and Information needed for 4-H.
ABS Global
Purdue Extension in Cass and Carroll counties are partnering with ABS global to hold an Artificial Insemination (A.I.) class for beef or dairy producers interested in learning this skill. This course will consist of two days of training where participants will learn reproductive anatomy, semen handling, heat detection and A.I. technique.
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This is information for the Cass County Master Gardener Program.
Cass County Extension Homemakers
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Block Party Encourages Child Care Providers to Facilitate Block Play