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October 22, 2020
4-H Enroll Today

4-H is the state’s largest youth program for youth in grades 3 – 12. Plus, Carroll Co. offers mini 4-H for youth in grade 2. In 4-H, youth learn specific skills related to a wide variety of subjects through “hands-on” activities, as well as many life skills.

Why join 4-H?  4-H members have answered:

4-H Enrollment is Open Now through Jan. 15, 2021. To join 4-H go to:  or visit the Carroll Co. Purdue Extension Office at the 4-H fairgrounds or call 574-967-3538 or visit our carrollces google classroom -

 Below is a quick reference guide as well as the new 2021 project list for the new 4honline database.  If you prefer to fill out a paper copy and will not be showing any animals, the paper copies can also be found below.  Mail to: Purdue Extension - Carroll Co., 102 N. 4th St., Suite B, Flora, IN 46929.

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