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4-H Handbook Rule Changes

August 15, 2019

The 4-H Handbook contains the policies applicable to our local 4-H program as well as the exhibit guidelines and rules for each project. This information is reviewed by the 4-H Council annually in an effort to continually improve the educational value of the Boone County 4-H program. In doing so, changes to this handbook can be submitted by any 4-H member, parent, leader, or volunteer using the form attached.


Before submitting a proposed rule change, take a few minutes and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Will this change improve the overall educational experience for the 4-H member? If not, then how does this improve the 4-H program?
  2. Is this change being prompted by an isolated incident, or does this address an on-going problem? If it is for an isolated incident, what are the chances of this same situation happening again? If the chances are small, then is it worth adding to the rules?
  3. Can someone’s name be attached to this proposed rule? In other words, is this being proposed because someone won a trophy or banner at the county fair that people thought shouldn’t have won? If so, would you want someone proposing a rule against you or your child?
  4. Will this proposed change help clarify and eliminate current confusion? The rules are for our 4-H members to follow, and since they are in grades 3-12 they need to be written so the members can read and understand them.
  5. Will the result of this proposed change be inclusionary for 4-H members, or is it intended to exclude members from participating in the 4-H program? Remember, the 4-H program on a national basis is intended to be inclusionary for all youth who are eligible for the program.


All proposed rule changes must be submitted to the Extension Office by the third Friday in September, September 20. Submissions are to be sent electronically to Panodra Woodward, Please fill out the form in the Word program. The form can be found by scrolling to the bottom of this page. It is under "Related Files".


To help cut down on time, pull up the electronic version of the 2018 4-H Handbook in the project section on the Purdue Extension, Boone County Website, and copy and paste the current rule into the response area for the Question #1.


If you are unable to submit the form electronically then contact Pandora to make other arrangements.


Anyone submitting a proposed change should plan to attend the 4-H Council meeting on Wednesday, September 25th at 7:30pm. While there will not be any action taken at this meeting, the purpose is to allow members to ask questions about the proposed change and provide feedback to the rules committee so that changes in wording, if any, can be made prior to the Council voting on them.


Proposed rule changes will be voted on by the 4-H Council during their meeting on Wednesday, October 24. This meeting will be held in the Farm Bureau Community Building at 7:30 pm in the dining room.

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