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4-H Achievement Book

February 27, 2019

The 4-H Achievement Book project is a way of creating an organized summary of your entire 4-H experience that contains a comprehensive report of your goals, plans and accomplishments. It is one way to make a formal review of your goals and achievements and is a helpful tool to plan your own growth for the future.  Your achievement record and report will be a good keepsake for years after you’ve finished your 4-H career.  The record you build opens doors to many awards and benefits such as medals, trips, scholarships and other kinds of recognition.  Completing an achievement book will make it easier to apply for scholarships and state level awards that reward 4-H members with scholarships.


Materials for All Level

Achievement Book Binder Cover

My Record of Achievement (Section 5 of Achievement Book) 

Targeting Life Skills Handout

Achievement Book Record Sheet (due at judging and not put in binder) 


Jr Division (Grades 3-8)

Jr. Division Manual

Jr. Division Templates (word format)

Jr. Division Score Card


Sr Division (Grades 9-12) 

Sr. Division Manual

Sr. Division Templates (word format)

Sr. Division Score Card 

Indiana 4-H Accomplishment Scholarship Information 

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