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Record the sounds around you-Earth Day April 22

April 23, 2015
Record the Earth-Earth Day Soundscape Festival

In 2014 Dr. Bryan Pijanowski launched the Center for Global Soundscapes with a mission to preserve the Earth's sounds and highlight their role in alerting scientists to environmental habitat changes. On Earth Day 2014 the public uploaded 3,900 natural sounds from 112 countries with the assistance of mobile device apps.

Pijanowski has a library of 1 million natural recordings from sites in Indiana, Costa Rica (La Selva Biological Station), Sonoran Desert (Arizona), Borneo (University of Brunei Darussalam Research Station), Maine (from the Wells National Estuarine Reserve) and elsewhere. The center also promotes how natural soundscapes foster a sense of place and an emotional bond between humans and nature.

Some key center projects include the development of science-related K-12 education curriculum materials, a digital IMAX show, an iListen website, the soundscapes ecology vocabulary, and expanding upon the soundscape collection archived by Pijanowski and his research team.

Join the Earth Day Soundscape Festival - April 22nd
To celebrate Earth Day and the success of the gathered Earth sounds join the team at the Soundscape Festival which will be held April 22, 2015. Activities starting at 11:00a.m. Eastern time include live music, dance performances, mobile soundscapes of biomes displays, air painters and much more. View article in Purdue News for more information.

Record the Earth for Earth Day 2015
Become a citizen scientist and record the sounds of earth. No cost and easy to do, visit Global Soundscapes.

Listen to the Recorded Earth Sounds
What does the Earth sound like today? www.globalsoundscapes.org.

More on Global Soundscapes
What is Global Soundscapes all about? View YouTube video Boiler Bytes: Global Soundscapes.

Dr. Bryan Pijanowski, Professor of Human-Environment Modeling & Analysis Laboratory
Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, Purdue Univeristy

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