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Teachers learn about Indiana forest resources for classroom

April 3, 2015
Teachers at Indiana Natural Resources Teacher Institute

Are you an Indiana classroom teacher interested in learning more about Indiana’s forest resources and how to integrate them into your classroom? The Indiana Department of Natural Resources/Division of Forestry, along with Purdue University Forestry and Natural Resources, will conduct the Indiana Natural Resources Teacher Institute the week of June 22-26 at the Forestry Training Center at Morgan-Monroe State Forest. This multi-day conservation education program will include visits to public and private forests, tours of forest industry facilities and an introduction to forestry research in Indiana. The purpose is to provide an unbiased look into the impact sustainable forestry has on our state’s economy, environment, and quality of life, and to equip teachers to take that knowledge into the classroom.

This workshop will advance effective teaching and learning about Indiana’s forest resources and their management. Participants will learn how to approach the teaching of STEM concepts and principles from a natural resource perspective and develop a STEM-based curriculum project to be implemented with their students. Participants will receive over 30 Professional Growth Points toward license renewal.

There is no charge for educators to participate in the Institute. All housing and meals will be provided at the Forestry Training Center.

Application forms are available now. This program is for Indiana educators only. If you are interested please send an email to

Project Learning Tree
Indiana DNR Forestry

Donna K. Rogler, Project Learning Tree Coordinator/District Forester
Indiana DNR Forestry

Lenee Farlee, Sustaining Hardwood Extension Specialist
Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, Purdue University‚Äč

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