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December 20, 2018


Show:  Monday, July 1, 2019– 5:30 p.m.

´éČAll registered heifers, commercial heifers and steers must be RFID tagged by new state fair rules. Please bring registered heifers along with commercial heifers and steers to the ID day. If registered heifers are not tagged in Feb/March they must be done on the feeder calf ID day. NO EXCEPTIONS Co-enrollment of animals for siblings is allowed.

Beef and Dairy Steer ID Date: March 9, 2019, 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. at the fairgrounds.
Snow date: March 23, 2018
• One RFID tag per market animal per family. Copies of the registration papers may be attached to
   ensure accuracy.
Feeder Calf ID Date: May 11, 2019 8:00 a.m. -10:00 a.m.

1. 4-H ONLINE -- Livestock must be owned by or leased (county exhibition only) and in possession of the 4-H member according to the following dates: Market Steers, Commercial (Crossbred) heifers, by Beef Identification Day of current year (retinal scans/ear tags); all purebred heifers, by May 15 of current year. This pertains to ALL 4-H Beef Exhibitors for County and State Fair. If the same steer is enrolled by more than one 4-H member (brothers and sisters), only one RFID tag from that steer needs to be submitted along with the family’s beef enrollment forms. Beef & Dairy Steers must be enrolled in 4-H Online by April 1st.  DNA samples must also in turned in by April 1st for State Fair exhibitors.  Heifers must be enrolled in 4-H Online by May 15th and the DNA samples must be turned in by May 15th.

2. SHELBY COUNTY FAIR ENTRY  -- All County 4-H Exhibitors must enter your Beef in their classes in the Fair Entry online program by May 31. There will be NO entries accepted after May 31.   All county 4-H Exhibitors must also complete a Shelby County Pen Reservation Form, and return to the Shelby County Extension Office. Forms are due by May 15. There will be NO entries accepted after May 15th.
        Shelby County Extension Office
        1600 E State Road 44, Suite C
        Shelbyville, IN 46176
3. Entry blanks are available at the Shelby County Extension Office.
4. STATE FAIR ENTRIES – Pre-entry is required by June 1 on the State Fair Enrollment website.  Beef animals being shown at the Indiana State Fair must have their DNA samples turned in to the Extension Office by April 1.

1. Refer to 4-H General Livestock/Animal rules.
2. ALL 4-H beef animals must be polled or dehorned. This County Fair policy is for the protection and safety of other animals, Exhibitors, and fair visitors.

1. 4-H Beef members may enroll and show no more than two feeder calves, six heifers, and six steers, but cannot enter more than two animals in any one class.
2. There will be a 4-H class offered for all recognized breeds of beef cattle, regardless of how many animals are entered and exhibited.
3. Any animals showing as 4-H purebred breeding animals in Beef must have breed registration papers available for inspection by 4-H superintendents before Beef show; entry blanks must carry registration number for each entry.
4. Definition of a purebred steer: An animal sired by a registered sire and from a registered dam of the same breed; all others are considered crossbred. Registration number of sire and dam should be available, or registration paper on steer should be available. All Angus, Chianina, Red Poll and Shorthorn steers shown in the State respective breed shows must be registered and have valid registration certificates from their national registries when animals are weighed and papers checked at State Fair.
5.The Beef Commercial Crossbred Heifer class shall consist of heifers that do not have purebred registration papers, or are a cross between Beef breeds of cattle.
6. Beef animals will show in alternating breeds following the section numbers listed in the catalog.
7. Steer classes will be determined after Weigh-In by the 4-H Beef Superintendent. Registered and crossbred steers shall not exceed ten (10) in any one class.
8. All champion steers in the Grand Champion Drive will be re-verified if requested by the Superintendent. The third place animal will be designated by the judge and given to the Superintendent in a sealed envelope.

1. PREMIUMS: $6, $5, $4, $3, $2; Participation $1
3. WEIGH-IN Mandatory for all steers and commercial heifers. See Livestock/Animal Schedule for times. NO EXCEPTIONS!
4. ORDER OF SHOW-- Feeder Calves, Beef Heifers, Market Steers. BREEDING ANIMALS/STEER shall follow this order: Angus, Charolais, Chianina, Commercial Crossbred, Hereford, Limousin, Maine-Anjou, Polled Hereford, Red Poll, Salers, Shorthorn, Simmental, Dairy Beef, and other recognized breeds.

• Calves selected will be male calves of any dairy breed, beef breed, or cross breed; will be born between January 1 and April 15 of the current project year.
• All calves must have been enrolled on the official 4-H enrollment form and be under the care of the 4-H member by May 15 of the current project year. Calves must be identified by official 4-H ear tags.
• All calves must be dehorned and castrated.
• Calves will be weighed at the fair prior to the show and divided into appropriate classes as determined by the project leader. Calves weighing over 650 pounds will be shown in the Beef Show as lightweight steers.
• Calves will be shown according to the beef showmanship style.
• ALL Calves will be shown by weight divided at fair time.
• Judging Criteria:
• General condition and health of the animal
• Knowledge of the 4-Her in caring for his/her calf
• Knowledge of the completed project record sheet
• Calves will not be eligible for the 4-H auction.

Feeder Calf

ALL BREEDS (except Crossbred) will be shown by breed divided at Fair time.
2. Heifers, Junior Calf, Jan. 1 - April 1, current year.
3. Heifers, Senior Calf, September 1 - December 31, previous year
4. Heifers, Summer Yearling Heifer II, July 1 - August 31, previous year
5. Heifers, Summer Yearling Heifer I, May 1 - June 30, previous year
6. Heifers, Junior Yearling Heifer II, March 1 - April 30, previous year
7. Heifers, Junior Yearling Heifer I, January 1 - February 28, previous year
8. Heifers, Senior Yearling, September 1 - December 31, two years previous
9. Commercial Crossbred Heifers (shown by weight)
10. Champion and Reserve Champion Female, (Section 2- 9)
11. Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Female overall breeds

ALL steers must have been born on or after January 1 of previous year. ALL BREEDS will be shown by weight and by breed divided at Fair time.

See SHOWMANSHIP Section of this Handbook for rules.

All beef steers (all breeds) and dairy beef steers (all breeds) will be weighed at March Identification Day of current year, then weighed again at the official Weigh-In during the County Fair. Weight per day of age will be calculated from these two weights. Three placings will be awarded: First (1st), Second (2nd), and Third (3rd), with First (1st) place receiving Champion and a plaque. (No premiums on this class.)

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