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4-H club provides outlet for children in East Chicago

August 19, 2014
Members of the J.U.B.I.L.A.N.T. 4-H Club at the Roberto Clemente Center in East Chicago hold up some

Luz Wilson has worked with kids for more than 20 years, but considers her current assignment one of the most rewarding. As leader of the J.U.B.I.L.A.N.T. 4-H Club at the Roberto Clemente Center in East Chicago, “Ms. Luz,” as she is called by the children, teaches the youth how to positively express themselves, be creative and stay healthy.

Working together is a big part of the learning, “and there are no negative words here,” she says. Children in the club learn many skills from making baskets to robotics.

The 4-H club is one of three located in Lake County funded by a national grant from the National 4-H Council and Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. The grant supports activities nationwide that improve the lives of young Americans. Purdue Extension received funding, based on the proven success of 4-H mentoring programs, to provide this opportunity to youth in Lake County that might not otherwise be able to participate.

Wilson said her club has made a difference in the lives of local 10 to 14 year-olds.“When they see they have finished a project, they feel good about themselves,” she says.

Fourth-grader Sandra Olivarri says the club has helped her in many ways.

“I have learned to better express myself, be active, healthy and work together with other kids and get along.”

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