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Franklin County 4-H Volunteers

January 24, 2021
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Become a 4-H Volunteer!

We are always in need of volunteers, and we anticipate the need for more in 2021, so please consider giving your time to help out this year.  Contact Angie Riffle to start the application and screening process, then click here for instructions to enroll as a NEW volunteer with Indiana 4-H.

We appreciate and are so grateful for each of our 120+ volunteers!  Remember, you must re-enroll each year, and starting in 2021 the Minor's Safety Training is required annually.  Click here for instructions on how to RE-ENROLL as a volunteer with Indiana 4-H.


4-H Club Leaders:

The 4-H Club Leaders provide support and leadership to a "club" of 4-H members. They share information with members and help individuals achieve their desired results. Recruit parents and other volunteers to assist with programs and projects and serve as the linkage between the County Extension office and your club. Most clubs meet on a regular basis throughout the year and conduct community service activities.


4-H Association:

This dedicated group of twelve is responsible for planning and conducting the annual Franklin County 4-H fair and setting county 4-H policy. They meet monthly and devote a countless hours to the program. Members serve a 3 year term, and elections are held at the annual 4-H awards and recognition banquet each fall. 

Meetings are typically held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7 PM at the Franklin County Community Foundation, and they are open to the public, however it is recommended that you call the Extension Office to to be placed on the agenda and to verify the date, time and location as this can vary.


Project Leader:

This is a very defined role to assist members with knowledge and subject matter information related to a single project. Most project leaders have some previous experience in a specific area, but if you are willing to learn and be a teacher, plenty of educational opportunities exist. Time commitment varies, depending on the project. Many are short term, but some can be on-going over the course of a year.  They help set up project workshops and assist with set up and judging at the fair.


Special Interest or Activity Leader (aka Spark Club Leaders):

This is a short term position that brings together the interests of the volunteer with the interest of the youth. Special interests are usually short term with a definite beginning and ending. If you have a special skill, talent or hobby you would like to share, chances are there a young people who would like to learn from you.


Volunteer Resources:

Indiana 4-H Volunteer Website




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