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Clean Computer

January 19, 2021
Clean Computer

Think about all the “public” surfaces you touch on your way to work – railings, door handles, coins and tokens, cash machines, elevator buttons and more. Then, when you get to your destination, washing your hands probably isn’t the first thing you do. Instead, you probably grab a cup of coffee and turn on your computer. If you power up before you clean up, all the germs and bacteria that commuted with you are transferred from your hands to your work station. Ugh! And then, if someone else sits down at your computer, you’ve got all the germs that tagged along with them, too.


Computer and Electronics Cleaning

              Before you begin, be sure the computer is off before you clean any part of it – keyboard, monitor screen, mouse, printer or housings. Also, never spray cleaner directly onto any part of the computer. Spray it onto a cloth, and then gently wipe.

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