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4-H - 2021 Handbook, 4-H Show Schedule, & Miscellaneous Items

March 19, 2021

4-H Newsletter - please click Here


Please note that 4-H Information is also being updated and added to the Youth Section of the Purdue Extension - Daviess County webpage ("Youth" is located in the gray bar under Daviess County on the main page).  This is being done in hopes of making it easier for 4-H members and families to locate important information.  This is currently a work in progress and the goal is to have everything moved by April 1, 2021.  Thank you!

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Page 6 of the 4-H Handbook 

Schedule has been updated to reflect changes as of 3/10/2021


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Adding Additional 4-H Projects


If you would like to add additional 4-H Projects before May 15th please see file "Add Projects" below for step by step directions.  Your profile in 4-H Online must be approved (registered and paid) before you may add additional projects.


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Please note Electric Guidelines & Plant Science have been updated

As of 1/27 & 1/28/2021 - Please see handbook below for changes


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2021 Hippology and Horse Bowl 

(as of 1/21/2021)

Please see handout below for COMPLETE DETAILS and additional information. 

Captions below are only a short summary.


Hippology: Thursday, April 22, 2021 (virtual) - This will be the same virtual format that we used in 2020 


Horse BowlTuesday, April 27th, 2021 Junior and Intermediate - Wednesday, April 28th, 2021 Senior

We will be using Quiz Bowl Systems, which has made some wonderful improvements. The system no longer requires a download and can be accessed anywhere with WiFi.  


Horse CommunicationsThe week of June 7th , 2021 (virtual) .   Youth will sign up for time slots to deliver their presentation live to judges via Zoom.  This will allow judges to ask questions and provide feedback etc. 



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 4-H Enrollment  -  http://v2.4honline.com/

Past members, please note the system is bit different from past years.  Please see related files below for step by step directions.


Directions on how to add additional projects after initial enrollment (after file has been approved), see file below.


If anyone has questions regarding clubs and/or enrollment, please call the Extension office.




4-H Directors - Upcoming Meeting Dates


Meeting dates, times, location/regularly scheduled second Tues. of the month unless otherwise posted.  Please note if meeting is cancelled due to weather it will be  posted here as well.  Thank you!


Directors Meeting for March 9, 2021 - at the 4-H Grounds in he Food Court at 7 PM



Unapproved minutes from last meeting posted below





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