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2020 Fair Results - Cat

October 16, 2020



Kitten Short Hair


Kitten Short Hair Champion-Ethan Macy with Misty https://youtu.be/MJpSxvXaqJI 


Adult Short Hair



  1. Meilynn Hess-Mr. Maximus https://youtu.be/t4pB4EUxhHY 
  2. MiaRose Hess with Ginger https://youtu.be/2FN32Wyl0QQ 
  1. MiaRose with Sadie Mae https://youtu.be/mLrubDspE7Y 
  2. Meilynn Hess with Zara https://youtu.be/4lbq0oMYnug 
  3. Lilly Parrish with Kylie https://youtu.be/o-M-_xXO0GI
  4. Ethan Macy with Shadow https://youtu.be/r8gW0unv4qs



  1. Marjorie Abrell with Hazel https://youtu.be/TEF6MjXe4_g 



Adult Short Hair Champion: Meilynn Hess (Maximus)

Adult Short Hair Reserve Champion: Marjorie Abrell (Hazel)


Adult Long Hair


            Adult Long Hair Champion: Brooklyn Henderson with Jiggles https://youtu.be/bM4jAR9aBU0 

            Adult Long Hair Reserve Champion: Brooklyn Henderson with Leo https://youtu.be/PRMabrEVdUQ 


Purebred Short Hair Adult


            Purebred Short Hair Champion: Rowan Newman with Leo https://youtu.be/DfsTO3nmwlI 



Grand Champion Cat - Meilynn Hess-Mr. Maximus

Reserve Grand Champion Cat - Brooklyn Henderson-Jiggles





Intermediate Champion: Meilynn Hess

Intermediate Reserve Champion: MiaRose Hess

Senior Champion: Marjorie Abrell

Advanced Champion: Brooklyn Henderson



 Cat Knowledge



Intermediate Champion: Rain Newman 

Intermediate Reserve Champion: Lilly Parrish

3rd Meilynn Hess

4-Ethan Macy & MiaRose Hess (tie)


Senior Champion: Marjorie Abrell 

Reserve Champion: Brooklyn Henderson


Grand Champion Cat Knowledge: Rain Newman

Reserve Grand Champion Cat Knowledge: Lilly Parrish

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