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Lake County 4-H Exhibit Labels

April 3, 2020

All non-animal 4-H exhibits that are shown at the Fair must be identified with a current Lake County 4-H exhibit label. 

Exhibit labels will be pre-printed from FairEntry and distributed to members prior to judging.  They will be 2 7/8" wide x 5 1/2" tall.  

Attach the label securely to the exhibit and position it so that it will be visible when the exhibit is displayed. For posters, attach the label in the lower right corner, under the plastic covering. 

Mini 4-H: Cloverbud and Garden exhibits will continue to use hand-made labels.  Please see downloadable files below. 

Refer to your Lake County 4-H Handbook for more information about 4-H projects and exhibiting at the Fair.     

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