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4-H Camp

February 2, 2021

We are starting to plan for the 2021 4-H Camp. We don't know exactly what it will look like, but we hope to hold it at Camp Tecumseh. It is currently scheduled to take take place June 9th-11th.   Anyone in grades 3-6 is eligible to attend 4-H camp. This year, members will be able to register for camp through 4HOnline. 

We are currently accepting camp counselor applications for the 2021 4-H camp. You can find the applications below. Applications are need to be submitted in 4HOnline by February 26th. 


 Feel free to check out our virtual 4-H camp from 2020 below. 

Here's the link to the 2020 Area 8&9 Virtual Camp Experience:



The theme for our 2020 camp is careers. We also have some live Q&As with professionals in different careers that are scheduled during the 3 days of camp. You can find the information to access those Q&As below.


Topic: Camp Career Q&A- Science (Environmental Educator)

Session 1 Recording: https://youtu.be/dPJRvPwAViw


Topic: Camp Career Q&A- Science (Science Writer)

Session 2 Recording: https://youtu.be/EVxl7zmX4wI 


Topic: Camp Career Q & A Civic Engagement (4-H Specialist & City Mayor)

 Session 3 Recording: https://youtu.be/Na2eufN1Sr4


Topic: Camp Career Q&A Healthy Living (Camp Tecumseh Director)

Session 4 Recording: https://youtu.be/btXGrbnTdPA 


Topic: Camp Career Q&A Healthy Living (4-H Healthy Living Specialist)

Session 5 Recording: https://youtu.be/0dV2KNCrbKE


 Contact jmonarch@purdue.edu if you have any questions about camp or camp counselors. 

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