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2019 Hunting Season Deer Resources

November 15, 2019
White-tailed deer

As the firearm portion of the 2019 deer hunting season approaches, the Purdue Department of Forestry and Natural Resources would like to make hunters aware of ways they can help themselves and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources this year.

Purdue FNR offers advice on data collection, harvest and processing and other pertinent information.

As firearm season begins on Nov. 16, Purdue FNR would also like to make hunters aware of a new opportunity to improve the future of hunting in our state.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources has announced that it will be conducting targeted Chronic Wasting Disease surveillance in northwest and northeast Indiana during the 2019 deer hunting season.

Hunters are being asked for their voluntary assistance in allowing biologists to collect samples during opening week of firearms season (Nov. 16-17).

The disease, a neurological disease which is similar to mad cow disease, affects white-tailed deer, mule deer, elk and moose. It has not been documented in Indiana, but has been found in free-ranging white-tailed deer Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin.

Counties included in the sampling are:
Northwest Indiana

Northeast Indiana

For full article and video view: Resources for the 2019 Deer Hunting Season.


Advice for 2019 Deer Season

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