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Need Your Soil Tested?

April 17, 2014

Do you need to get your soil tested for nutrient levels or potential contaminates? There are a variety of resources out there and opportunities to get this done. You may contact the Extension Office for bags that the soil may be sent in. The materials are free and can be picked up in Crown Point or they can be mailed.

It is a good idea to have your soil tested every 3-5 years if you think you are experiencing problems or actively trying to change your soil composition. It doesn't take much effort and can really save a lot of head ache by knowing what you really need to do. Many individuals in Lake County believe that they need to add lime to their soil in order to sweeten it or basically raise their pH. However, the majority of the soil reports received in this office would show that most homeowners are dealing with pHs that are too high. That means when you add the lime to your soil, you are furthering the problem instead of solving it. You will actually need sulfur in order to benefit your soil. That is why the best practice is to soil test first to be sure you are doing the right thing!


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