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Want to Become a Master Gardener?

December 4, 2019

Purdue Master Gardener Basic Training will be offered Fall 2020 in Allen County. The program will be offered at the Purdue Extension – Allen County building located at 4001 Crescent Ave, Fort Wayne. 

The Purdue Master Gardener program is designed to train volunteers to assist with horticultural education programs for Purdue Extension. Participants enter a specially designed training program in home horticulture. Upon completion of the training program, they are identified as Master Gardener interns. At that time, the volunteers are expected to extend the information in the areas of gardening and horticulture under the guidance of Purdue Extension to become certified Master Gardeners.

The Purdue Master Gardener basic training program consists of 14 sessions. Topics covered are plant science, plant nutrition, soil science, pest identification and control, pesticide safety and alternatives, and care of specific plant types, such as: home lawns, vegetables, fruits, and herbaceous and woody ornamentals. Purdue Extension Specialists, Extension Educators, Advanced Master Gardeners, and local horticulture experts serve as instructors.

Persons interested in registering for the Master Gardener program should submit an application (below) to Purdue Extension - Allen County. Any questions, please contact Rhonda via phone at (260)481-6826 or via email at


Regarding absences: We understand that in life unexpected and expected events occur to cause an absence and we want to be as accommodating as possible. If an absence occurs, expected or not, we recommend that you obtain notes from a classmate and find time on your own cover the topics missed. It is your responsibility to obtain the information and be able to master it to a level that allows you to not only pass the final exam but continue to participate in the program with this base level of knowledge.

In addition to covering the missed topics, equal amounts of the classroom time is to be replaced with instruction on home horticulture from another outlet, with pre-approval from the class coordinator. Many organizations in the area offer courses throughout the year and these courses can be found at local libraries, garden association meetings, and the extension office.   


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