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4-H Grievance/Appeal Guidelines

March 22, 2018

The grievance procedures outlined below are utilized as part of an internal process providing opportunity for voice or opinion to be heard when there is a dispute regarding 4-H participation, activities, or programs.

  1. Grievances are made by completing the Indiana 4-H Grievance/Appeal form with the burden of proof being the responsibility of the individual filing the grievance. The completed grievance/appeal form and supporting documentation shall be presented to the president of the 4-H policy-making body (the Lake County 4-H Club Committee) or one of the Purdue Extension Educators who work with the 4-H Program (Jennifer Haynes or Julie Jones).  NOTE: Concerns regarding staff or volunteers are not issues for which a grievance may be filed. 4-H volunteers are assigned by the 4-H Extension Educator. Concerns regarding 4-H volunteers or other individuals should be addressed directly with the Purdue 4-H Extension Educator.


  1. Grievances pertaining to 4-H activities, programs or projects shall be filed within 14 days of an incident or occurrence. Grievances pertaining to county fair related issues are often time-sensitive and must be filed within 24 hours of the incident.


  1. The grievance process occurs in the county where the issue or concern arises and offers three opportunities for a concern to be heard and reviewed. 
  1. The grievance is initially heard by an unbiased, representative grievance sub-committee. 
  2. The person filing the grievance may appeal the decision of the grievance sub-committee to the 4-H policy-making body, which will then review the facts in evidence and render a decision.
  3. The person filing a grievance may appeal a decision of the 4-H policy-making body to the County Extension Board. The Extension Board will review the facts in evidence and render a decision. This is the final level in the appeal process.

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