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February 27, 2020


General Rules


1. New for 2018, to exhibit beef cattle, dairy cattle, swine, sheep, meat goats, dairy goats, poultry and rabbits, 4-H members must be certified through the Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA). This is an annual program that can be completed by attending a training workshop in person or by completing it online. For information about training workshops, check your 4-H Newsletter for dates or contact the County Extension Office, 824-6412. Registration for all workshop trainings and to complete the process online, go the http://yqca.org. There is a registration fee of $3 per person for training workshops and $12 for online certification. Check with the County Extension Office for registration coupons.

2. Rabbits must be enrolled in the 4-H Online System. This includes roasters and stewers. Only young rabbits born after May 15 will use paper enrollment forms. 

3. Rabbits must be in the possession and care of the 4-H member by May 15. Feed records should begin May 15.

4. Attendance at Rabbit Workshops is highly recommended.

5. Rabbit Feed Records should begin the day your rabbits are in your care.

6. All rabbits must be accompanied with fully completed three (3) generation pedigree papers proving the parents are of a specific breed or they will not be accepted for show. Blank pedigree forms will be available at workshops, Extension Office and on the county 4-H web page.

7. All animals must meet State Health Requirements. (See Health Requirement Section.)

8. All rabbits must have a permanent tattoo in the left ear prior to check-in.

9. Ear canker, sore hocks, and other diseases will disqualify an animal at the discretion of the rabbit superintendent and his committee.

10. Exhibit of Rabbits:  

• Members may show 12 rabbits, one (1) per class, and one (1) meat pen (3 of one breed) and one (1) fryer, one (1) roaster, one (1) stewer, and one (1) Pre-Junior for a total of 19.

11. Meat Pen and Fryer Rabbits: The doe of the Meat Pen & Fryer rabbits must be enrolled in the 4-H Online System. Meat Pen and Fryer tattoo numbers must be entered on the Meat Pen & Fryer Enrollment Form due by July 1. Each rabbit must have a different tattoo number. (See Market Rabbit Classes)

12. If at any time a rabbit enrolled is not in the exhibitor’s possession and an acceptable explanation cannot be given, the rabbit will be removed from the enrollment list for showing at the fair. All acceptable explanations should be included on the enrollment form.

13. For a rabbit to be eligible for showing at the fair, the rabbit must be enrolled along with its tattoo.

14. Rabbits will be judged by the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) Standards.  

• Exception to this will be Pre-junior rabbits. ARBA book specifies that Pre-junior rabbits are for educational purposes only.  

• Pre-Junior Rabbit Class is open to any 6 class breed.  

• Pre-Junior Class Rabbits must be under 3 months of age, day of show.

15. All auction animals must be entered and shown in a meat class to be sold in auction. 

16. No animals are permitted to leave the rabbit barn after being cooped until project release on fair schedule.


Market Rabbit Classes

1. Members must be in possession of all possible brood does by May 15 for Meat Pen and Fryer rabbits listed on their County 4-H Rabbit Enrollment Form.

2. Members must kindle and raise their own kits for meat pen and fryer rabbits.

3. Individual tattoo numbers of Meat Pen & Fryers must be listed on the Meat Pen and Fryer Enrollment form due July 1.

4. Meat Pen:  3 1/2 – 5 1/2 pounds each (3 rabbits), not over 10 weeks (70 days) of age, day of show. Must be of same breed and same variety.

5. Single Fryer:  A rabbit weighing a minimum of 3 1/2 pounds and a maximum of 5 1/2 pounds and not over 10 weeks (70 days) of age, day of show. Fryer may be part of a meat pen.

6. Roaster:  A rabbit weighing at least 5 1/2 pounds with a maximum weight of 9 pounds and under six months day of show.

7. Stewer:  A rabbit weighing over 8 pounds and more than 6 months day of show.

8. All meat classes will be divided depending on enrollment number in the class. They will be divided by weight at the discretion of the rabbit committee. 

9. All auction animals must be entered and shown in a meat class to be sold in auction. 


Other Classes

1. Commercial Meat type rabbits (six classes)  

          • Senior Buck – over 8 months  

          • Senior Doe – over 8 months  

          • Buck – 6 to 8 months  

          • Doe – 6 to 8 months  

          • Junior Buck – 4 to 6 months  

          • Junior Doe – 4 to 6 months

2. Fancy, Exotic type rabbits (four classes)  

          • Senior Buck – 6 months and older  

          • Senior Doe – 6 months and older  

          • Junior Buck – under 6 months  

          • Junior Doe – under 6 months



1. Awards will be presented as follows:

          A. Best of Pre-Junior 

          B. Best of each Breed

          C. Best of Show (Best of 6 Class Rabbit Breeds and Best of 4 Class Rabbit Breeds)

          D. Best of 6 Class

          E. Best of 4 Class

          F. Grand Champion Meat Pen

          G. Reserve Grand Champion Meat Pen

          H. Grand Champion Fryer

          I. Reserve Grand Champion Fryer

          J. Grand Champion Roaster

          K. Reserve Grand Champion Roaster

          L. Grand Champion Stewer

          M. Reserve Grand Champion Stewer


Showmanship / Ambassador

1. Eligibility for entering the 4-H Rabbit Ambassador Contest at the State Fair is determined by a 4-H member participation in the County Rabbit Ambassador Contest.

2. 4-H’ers must have knowledge of rabbit breeds, management, feeding, marketing, and showing.

3. Contest is divided into 6 grade groups, as of January 1, year of Fair:

         Novice   4-H member in the 3rd or 4th grade  

          Junior  4-H member in the 5th or 6th grade  

          Intermediate 4-H member in the 7th or 8th grade  

          Senior  4-H member in the 9th or 10th grade  

          Master  4-H member in the 11th or 12th grade

4. Contestants must furnish personal pencil and clipboard or similar item for writing purposes. 

5. No resource or reference material may be used during the contest by the participants.

6. Questions for the contest will be taken from one or more of the following publications:

          a. Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits (4-H publication #288)  

          b. Standard of Perfection (published by ARBA)  

          c. ARBA Domestic Rabbit Guide 

          d. In the event of a conflict of information, the Standard of Perfection is considered the authority.

7. Tie scores will be broken as follows:

          a. Highest test score, then, if necessary:  

          b. Oral test given by a person appointed by the committee.



1. A rabbit hopping contest will be held during the fair.

2. Members may sign-up for the class.

3. Exhibitors must use their own rabbit in the contest.

4. Awards will be presented.



1. Action demonstrations should be reported in your 4-H Manual. 

2. These may be done on your own or at a time designated by the Rabbit Committee.


MINI 4-H (Grades K – 2)

1. Mini 4-H Rules will apply.

2. Rabbits must have a three (3) generation pedigree.

3. Rabbits must have a permanent tattoo in the left ear.

4. Rabbits must be at least 2 months old, day of show.

5. Any purebred breed of rabbit is allowed.

6. Mini 4-H members will show their rabbits on Sunday during the Rabbit Ambassador Contest.



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