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Publication series helps applicators protect pollinators

October 13, 2016
A bee pollinating a flower

A series of three new publications from Purdue Extension will offer homeowners, farmers and commercial applicators practical tips on protecting pollinators from insecticide exposure and other risks.

Each publication in the Protecting Pollinators series is available as a free download from Purdue's The Education Store at www.edustore.purdue.edu.

"Our intent is to provide practical tips that people will find easy to implement," said Rick Foster, professor of entomology. Foster worked with Fred Whitford, director of the Purdue Pesticide Programs, to develop the series as part of a statewide effort to raise awareness of the importance of pollinators, including honey bees, mason bees, bumble bees, flies, moths, butterflies and hummingbirds.

Funded by a Purdue Extension Issue-Based Action Team award, the series is part of a larger effort by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to protect pollinator health across the country, Foster said.

Foster co-authored the publications with fellow entomology professors Cliff Sadof and Doug Richmond, pest management specialist John Obermeyer and Whitford.

Each of the three publications is designed for a specific audience:

* Protecting Pollinators in Home Lawns and Landscapes is targeted to homeowners. It is available at https://edustore.purdue.edu/item.asp?Item_Number=POL-1.

* Protecting Pollinators in Fruit and Vegetable Production is aimed at commercial vegetable growers. It is available at https://edustore.purdue.edu/item.asp?Item_Number=POL-2.

* Tips for Commercial Agricultural Pesticide Applicators is intended for commercial applicators. It is available at https://edustore.purdue.edu/item.asp?Item_Number=POL-3.

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