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4-H ATV project

July 9, 2015


No State Fair Exhibit

The All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) project is open to 4-H members in grades 3-12.
Enrollment should be made according to the number of years of participation
in the ATV project.

Members must have their own properly-fitted ATV.

The National ATV 4-H Handbook will be used to as a guide to help determine if
a member's ATV is the proper size for the member. 4-H ATV leaders have the
responsibility and authorization to make this determination for the safety of all
participants. ATV’s used in this project must have an annual certificate of machine
safety inspection prior to inclusion in group riding events.

There may be fees asked of members for insurance and miscellaneous expenses.
Such fees will be collected at project meetings. Parents and/or youth over 18
years of age must sign a liability release acknowledging risks associated with
ATV operation.

Project Requirements

All youth enrolled in the 4-H ATV project must complete a safety course which
will be provided in the spring prior to scheduling any group riding events.

Project riding opportunities are scheduled throughout the spring and summer.
Youth are expected to participate in these events as well as the ATV Rodeo, which
is conducted during the annual 4-H Fair as a way to demonstrate youth ATV skill
development for the public. Club leaders will place participants in divisions
according to their ATV’s engine size, their grade in school, and their riding abilities.

Participants must complete a record sheet which will be given at the safety day.
The completion record sheet will be based on the information provided in the
4-H ATV Handbook, and will need to be turned in prior to the ATV Rodeo during
the 4-H Fair.

An optional, incentive-based 22”x 28” poster demonstrating what the 4-H’er
learned in the ATV project can be entered in the annual 4-H Fair. Youth exercising
the poster option will receive incentive points to be accumulated for year end
awards and recognition by the 4-H ATV Club.

The poster competition will be categorized by grade level as follows:

♦  Grades 3-4 posters will cover topics in ATV Safety.

♦  Grades 5-6 posters will cover Other Uses of ATV’s.

♦  Grades 7-8 posters will cover Mechanics of ATV’s.

♦  Grades 9-12 posters will cover Any topic related to ATV.

Posters should be 22" x 28" with content displayed horizontally in landscape orientation. 
Poster labels should be placed in the lower right hand corner.
Posters should be mounted on a hard surface such as foam board and
covered with clear plastic.
Contact the Purdue Extension office to obtain reusable clear plastic covers. 


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